What visa will I need to enroll in other Short Courses or Private/Semi Private Classes?

As student visas are only issued for courses that run for more than a prescribed total of 6 months. Due to the fact that the length of short courses can be subject to change, it is not possible to apply for a student visa to enroll in a short course on an exclusive basis. Therefore, students coming from overseas who wish to study in short course alone will, in principle, have to apply for a short term/working holiday visa.

Note: In 2014, the Japanese government granted exemptions to a group of 67 countries in regards to applying for short term visas; meaning that residents of these countries are better able to enter Japan.
For further information regarding whether or not you qualify for any of the two visas listed above or if you currently hold or will apply for a different type of visa to those listed above, please contact the admissions department at YAMASA via e-mail at admissions@yamasa.org or via telephone at 81 (0)564-55-8111.