SILAC 短期會話集中課程

    SILAC 課程進度表


    入門 五十音,
    基礎 1 請求許可, 提出請求
    中級 課程内容舉例:辭書型(動詞原形),解釋謠言,道歉,委婉轉達,語言技巧,因應場合該有之日文表現。

    SILAC 基礎會話課程 (FJC綜合選修課程)


    Class Name Description Enrollment is available to students in
    Pronunciation/ Intonation class The pronunciation and intonation class can help those enrolled in it to identify situations when inflection, intonation and pronunciation may alter the meaning of what one is saying. It also aims to improve the understandability of statements that one may make in the course of a conversation. Basic 1,2,3 and intermediate classes
    Kanji marathon class Kanji marathon classes are open to all students enrolled in SILAC, regardless of their knowledge of kanji. The aim of this class is to present students with kanji that they are likely to use in their day to day life, therefore making this a very practical course. For beginners coming from a Western background, stroke order and the basics of pronunciation, reading and writing are especially emphasized. Basic 1,2,3 and intermediate classes
    Japanese business manner and etiquette class While there are many concrete differences that we can observe, there are also many differences in the values between Western and Japanese culture. The Japanese business manner and etiquette class looks at this particular area from two perspectives: the business sphere as well as etiquette used in day to day life. Intermediate classes