Payment Methods

There are a number of ways by which fees can be paid. Receipts are issued for all payments made. These receipts are issued in Japanese. If you require a receipt in English or another language for taxation or scholarship purposes please contact us.

Bank Transfer

International Bank Transfer

会社名 The Yamasa Institute
住所 1 1-2-1 Hane Higashimachi
住所 2 Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture
通貨略称 (円)
Bank name Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Bank address 2-9-1, Koseidorinishi, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan 444-0059
Account number 0143589
Branch number 703
Branch name Okazaki

Bank Transfer within Japan

銀行名 三井住友銀行
支店名 岡崎支店(支店番号703)
口座番号 普通 0143589
口座名義 学校法人 服部学園 YAMASA言語文化学院
SWIFT (BIC) (「ガク)ハットリガクエン ヤマサゲンゴブンカガクイン」)
※金融機関(銀行コード) 0009

Credit Card

At YAMASA it is possible to pay fees using Visa card and Mastercard. Visa card is the most widely accepted card in Japan - although this doesn't mean that ATM machines will accept visa cards issued outside Japan. For cashing services you usually need to go to a bank and withdraw cash over the counter - the local branch of the Okazaki Shinkin Bank (approximately 200 meters from campus) is able to provide this service, visit the post office or 7-Eleven convenience store.

Cash (domestic only)

Japan is a cash based society, and many students at YAMASA pay for their fees in cash. However please do not send cash by mail/courier. This method is only to be used for on-campus face to face payment.

Post Office (domestic only)

If you are living in Japan then it is possible to pay for your initial tuition fees via the post office transfer system called "genkin kakitome". This is a very secure method of payment, and is particularly useful if you are applying for admission from a remote area of Japan. The maximum limit for transfer is usually 500,000 yen.

Please have the post office staff transfer the funds to:

The Yamasa Institute
1-2-1 Hanehigashi-machi
Okazaki-shi, Aichi-ken
JAPAN 444-0832

Please include a note stating your:

Family Name
First Name
Passport Number
Name of the Program you are enrolling in
Commencement Date