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"In the News"

"In the News" aims to help you improve your understanding of articles in contemporary Japanese print and web media. Articles are from a wide range of sources, are printable, and are accompanied by streaming audio files of the article being read at normal speed by male and female native speakers. Furthermore there are questions from the OCJS faculty that will help you confirm your reading or listening comprehension skills.

Subject/Title/Field: Date: Source/Media:

"London Marathon" 2004/APR/26 Essay
"People's Voice" 2004/MAR/08 Asahi Shimbun article
"The Best Time to Get Married" 2003/DEC/25 With Magazine article
"Travellers' Attitude under Question" 2003/DEC/01 Chunichi Shimbun article
"Employees Aim for the Stars" 2003/MAY/04 Kobe Shimbun article
"Opinions on Matsui" 2003/NOV/02 Chunichi Shimbun article
"Why I don't use a cellphone" 2003/OCT/20 Chunichi Shimbun article
"Environmental & Welfare Appeal - Disposable Chopsticks" 2003/SEP/24 Chunichi Shimbun International article
"How to Wear a Yukata" 2003/SEP/07 Chunichi Shimbun article
"Morning Musume Instead of Top Schools" 2003/AUG/25 Chunichi Shimbun article
"Tofu Around the World" 2003/AUG/10 Chunichi Shimbun article
"How To Say It" 2003/JUL/07 "More" Magazine Article
"Unpleasant and Misunderstood Japanese" 2003/JUN/20 Chunichi Shimbun article
"PhD acquired in Vienna on Folk Dance Research" 2003/JUN/16 Chunichi Shimbun article
"Young farmers and the lure of the land" 2003/JUN/02 Sankei Shimbun article
"A Critic, Foodies, Manners and Language" 2003/MAY/27 SPA! Magazine article
"Hatcho miso and piles of rocks" 2003/MAY/05 Chunichi Shimbun Article
"Super Online Dictionaries" 2003/APR/20 Asahi.com Article
"Becoming Atom" - Humanoid Robots 2003/APR/07 Asahi.com Article
World Water Forum 2003/MAR/17 Asahi.com Article
Reischauer Institute's Andrew Gordon goes gourmet shopping 2003/MAR/08 Asahi Shimbun Article
From Aichi to Laos 2003/FEB/20 Chunichi Shimbun Article
Importing pets 2003/FEB/09 Sankei Shimbun Article
Saving money quickly 2003/MAR "With" Magazine Article
Changing Garaigo back to Kanji ? 2002/DEC/26 Chunichi Shimbun Article
Gomi 2002/DEC/15 Asahi Shimbun Article
Bowlingual 2002/DEC/13 Mainichi Shimbun Article
Correct Japanese leads to higher value English 2003/JAN Style Magazine Article
Osakan boy entering the world of Bunraku 2002/DEC/02 Asahi Shimbun Article
Otaru Onsen case decided 2002/NOV/12 Asahi Shimbun Article
Subsidizing Omiai 2002/NOV/17 Asahi.com Article
Hotel ground floor marketplace 2002/NOV/02 Sankei Shimbun Article
Slow Life 2002/NOV/01 Asahi Shimbun Article
Documentary Film "Home" 2002/OCT/28 AERA magazine Article
Nobel Prizes for Obata and Tanaka 2002/Oct/10 Chunichi Shimbun Article
How to become a "Nihongobijin" 2002/NOV/01 Joseishi "With" Article
A target of 10% men 2002/OCT/16 Takarajima Article
Murakami Haruki, worries concerning first novel in 7 years 2002/OCT Nikkei Entertainment Article
Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor and Hybrid Car Technology 2002/SEP/03 Chunichi Shimbun Article

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