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Password Access

The OCJS has 4 levels of password access. The chart below details what services each password level provides access to.

(Please note that if you have studied (or are currently studying) at Yamasa at any since April 1st 2002 then you already have access to the Online Campus and the Kanji Dictionary at the Standard Level (Level 3), using your student I.D. number as your user name and your date of birth as your password (for example, if you are born on the 4th of October 1969 then your password will be 691004). The username and password being valid for one year from the date of graduation)

There are 3 payment methods available (please refer to the end of this page). Before completing payment, please read the updates file and the Yamasa Institute's terms of service, refund and privacy policies.

Explanation of Levels:

Membership Level Cost per 12 months OCJS Access Kanji Dictionary Access
1. Visitor Free Lesson 1 only. Some functions limited. All kanji characters. All functions.
2. Standard 12000 Yen All lessons and functions.
Full Bulletin Board access.
All kanji characters. All functions.
3. Professional 18000 Yen All lessons and functions.
Full Bulletin Board access.
Access to OCJS Webmaster's Personal Bulletin Board.
All kanji characters. All functions.
Partner Please Contact Us For universities, colleges, institutes, corporations etc. Provides up to 19 (Level 3) Standard memberships at any time, plus access for administrator to the OCJS Webmaster's personal bulletin board.

1) Credit Card payment by Secure Server
2) If you are in Japan, by domestic bank transfer
3) Credit Card payment by printing and faxing

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