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Introducing the Online Center

The OCJS is the internet based campus of the Yamasa Institute. We offer the same curriculum of Academic Japanese taught via the direct method (teaching Japanese ONLY in Japanese) with full transferability to and from the Okazaki-based Aichi Center. The curriculum and teaching methodologies have been modified to suit internet based delivery. Learning is self-paced, completely modular, and totally flexible. Students may use the Online Center for either on-campus studies or via on-demand distance learning.

In short, reasons for studying with the OCJS include...

  1. Self-paced learning - Guided but self-paced, study at your optimum rate.
  2. On-Demand - Just log in and study. No waiting. All resources are online.
  3. Fully Customizable - Study what you want, how and when you want.
  4. Web-Based & "Webcentric" - All you need is an internet connection.
  5. Mobile - No desktop applications. You don't need your own computer.
  6. Technical Support - A comprehensive support center - available free.
  7. Tutoring Support - Full-time professional faculty are with you online.
  8. Comprehensive Curriculum - All skills, all levels, transferable.
  9. Language Neutral - Direct method teaching is used wherever possible.
  10. Low Cost - No special software/CD-ROMs are required. Tuition fees are as low as 5000 yen per year.
  11. Open Entry - All you need is web access & a desire to learn.
  12. Fully Integrated - Program modules of a consistent length and content quality form a coherent course of study. Modules are designed with an understanding of the transfer credit requirements of universities in various countries. Tests are transparent and secure, can be calibrated and compared with well-established analog tests such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and are offered in conjunction with the program of study.
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