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Bulletin Boards

The Bulletin Boards are restricted access.

1. "My Homework"

Requires a membership level of Standard or higher. This is a private bulletin board for your teachers and yourself to have homework corrected, questions answered, and so forth. Only you and your teachers are able to view your work.

2. "Student to Student"

Requires a membership level of Standard or higher. This is the OCJS online "bar/coffeehouse/whatever". Have a virtual beer and chat with other students of Japanese - in Japanese as far as possible please - our teachers are around to help facilitate things as well. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, no matter where you are in the world.

3. "Webmaster's Board"

Requires a membership level of Professional or Partner. This board is used by the webmaster, faculty, developers and partner institutions to coordinate the development of the project. We decided to ensure that students could also participate, as it offers a more proactive interaction that a simple suggestion box. For this board, any language is OK.

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