Acceleration Program (ACCP)

    Intended Audience

    ACCP is open to students who abilities range from beginner to intermediate and who want to study the highest volume of Japanese possible in the shortest amount of time possible.
    The reasons as to why students take ACCP can be varied. However, there has been a trend over the life of the course of tertiary level students from the Northern Hemisphere enrolling in ACCP during their summer vacation to supplement the Japanese that they have previous learned during the courses they have taken in their home countries.

    Why ACCP?

    ACCP is perfect for those who wish to get the most out of their Japanese skills in the shortest period of time possible. However, the goals of those who are taking ACCP compared to those who are entering our SILAC course are usually quite different. Whilst SILAC objective is to improve the conversational ability of those enrolled, ACCP focuses on all four competencies that are essential in learning a foreign language: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

    If these are the goals that you are looking to achieve, then ACCP is the course for you.

    Benefits of studying in ACCP include:

    • Accelerated content: As stated in the name, the rate of delivery of class material in ACCP is considerably more intense. For those who are serious about picking up as much Japanese as possible in the shortest period of time will be pleased to know that classes will roughly cover four units per week. These may for example may include positive and negative grammar tenses, dialogues, and reinforcement and reproduction exercises in addition to YAMASA generated materials.

    • Variety of content/Elective classes: As mentioned earlier, ACCP differs to other medium term courses offered at YAMASA in that it covers the full gamut of Japanese language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Keeping in mind that the learning needs of all of our students differ, YAMASA provides elective classes to allow our students to brush up on the areas that they feel they need practice in as well as to help them achieve the objectives they have for their Japanese study. (See below) This provides maximum flexibility and variety for our students.

    • Maximum class sizes of 10: Due to the cap on class sizes, it can be guaranteed that you will not get lost in the shuffle and that your needs on both an educational and personal front are appropriately catered for. Thanks to these class size regulations, your teacher will be able to give you the utmost attention and answer any question you may have during class time.

    • Supplementary materials: Being on top of the trends in modern education, YAMASA has developed a set of Powerpoint materials that are used at the elementary level of the course in order to supplement the set text. This decision was made to allow the absorption of materials to proceed at a faster rate.


    Class Timetable

    An average day in ACCP usually consists of the following:

    時間目 月曜日 火曜日 水曜日 木曜日 金曜日
    1 9:00 - 9:50 通常クラス授業
    2 10:00 - 10:50
    3 11:00 - 11:50
    11:50 - 12:40
    4 12:40 - 13:30 通常クラス授業
    5 13:40 - 14:30 通常クラス授業 選択クラス授業 通常クラス授業 通常クラス授業
    6 14:40 - 15:30 Elective

    Elective Classes

    As mentioned earlier, YAMASA offers a range of elective classes designed to help our students in the areas in which they need the most support. Elective classes that are offered in YAMASA’s ACCP stream of classes are listed below:

    Elective Name What will I study in this elective?
    Kanji Fundamentals Students who enter into the Kanji fundamentals course, upon consultation with their teacher, get to decide the rate and intensity of their kanji study. Study is largely self-directed so students will be able to focus on the kanji that interest them most and are most practical in their everyday life.
    Pronunciation Workshop The aim of this class is to help students identify areas that are traditionally difficult for students of Japanese to handle. These may include:
    • longated vowels
    • characters that have differing yet similar pronunciation
    • intonation
    • natural accent
    As our students come from vastly differing linguistic backgrounds, individual needs will remain forefront in your teacher’s thinking.
    Accelerated Presentation Project This class is designed around a singular goal: being able to give a presentation in Japanese. Accelerated Presentation Project classes allow students to cover all areas of Japanese language learning (reading, listening, speaking, writing) while creating of their presentation. This makes it both practical and educational whilst giving students the confidence to speak in Japanese in front of groups of people.
    Reading Essentials Students will be given texts that can potentially range from Japanese folk tales to potentially texts assigned by the students themselves. Reading Essentials students will be able to read these texts while taking advantage of real time support provided by the classroom teacher and voice their opinions concerning the content they have just read.

    Start Dates

    How long does the course run for? The class can run from 4 to 12 weeks.
    When does the course start?
    Year Term Start date
    2016 Summer August 11th
    What days do classes run? Monday through Friday.
    How many total classes per term will I take?
    What time does class start and finish? Classes start at 9 o’clock and finish at 3:30 with a 50 minute break in between.
    What is the length of an average class? 50 minutes

    Tuition Fees

    期間 料金(¥) 期間 料金(¥)
    4週間 210,000 9週間 358,000
    5週間 240,000 10週間 370,000
    6週間 280,000 11週間 385,000
    7週間 305,000 12週間 400,000
    8週間 330,000
    • 料金に教科書代は含まれておりません。
    • ご入学後の延長可能


    オプション 追加費用
    A:プライベートレッスン 1レッスン ¥4,000


    学費の割引について(ACCP 特別集中プログラムコース)


    • ACCPへの再入学のお客様は初回の学費から20%割引
    • ワーキングホリデービザ、JETビザをご利用のお客様は初回の学費のみ10%割引
    • 1年間の学費をまとめて納めていただいた場合は10%割引
    • 全ての手続き(学費全額振込等)を下記期日以前に終えていただいた方には早期割引を適用
      <16週間前> 10%割引 <12週間前> 5%割引
    • 各コース、オプションは割引の対象外です。

    Start Dates

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    Visa Information


    ご注意: 2014年より、日本政府は67カ国 に対して短期ビザの入国における優遇処置を行っています。詳しい情報や不明なことがあれば、 または、電話: 81 (0)564-55-8111までお問い合せください。


    Congratulations! By choosing to study at YAMASA, you have taken the first step towards improving your Japanese language skills!
    The next step that you will need to take is to start the application process.


    If there is anything that you still need to know about, we would be delighted to answer any of your inquiries. Feel free to contact us at any time via e-mail at or to call us on 81 (0)564-55-8111.
    Note: We aim to reply to all inquiries within 1 business day (excluding weekends and Japanese Public Holidays).