Visa Information

Decide on the course you would like to enroll in and match that with your study plan and the date you would like to come to Japan. Next comes the visa application. The type of visa required and the process of application will differ depending on the length of study you wish to take.

Student Visa (Extended Stay)

Application for a student visa will be required if you decide to enroll in an extensive course.
Start dates for students wishing to enroll with a student visa are either April or October.
Yamasa will contact you to confirm that your application has been received.
Following screening of your application documents, Yamasa will act on your behalf as an agent for your student visa once the application fee has been received.

Download the documents required for application of a student visa.

Please take note of the procedure for application.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Work・Extended Stay Inspection(Visa)Process Chart

Tourist Visa (Short Stay)

Students enrolling in a short course can enter Japan on a short stay (Tourist) visa. Depending on your nationality the length of your short stay visa will vary, but is generally 3 months or 90 days.
For most nationalities it is not necessary to apply for a short stay visa before coming to Japan, it is simply issued upon your arrival. Some nationalities will need to apply for a short stay visa before coming to Japan. Contact your nearest Japanese Embassy and confirm exactly what is required to obtain a short stay visa for your particular nationality. Then you can align your requirements with the study you have planned.

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Working Holiday Visa

To obtain the Working Holiday Visa your country's government needs to have the Working Holiday scheme agreement in place with the Japanese government.

Overview of Countries with the Working Holiday scheme in place

For more detailed information please enquire through your nearest Japan embassy or consulate. Applications can only be made through an embassy or consulate of Japan in a country that has the Working Holiday scheme agreement in place. Students in Taiwan, please contact the Interchange Association, Japan (IAJ).
It is not necessary to have Yamasa documents when applying.
It is possible to take any one of Yamasa's courses with this visa.
People entering Japan with this visa have permission to work and study.


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