SILAC - Short Intensive Language Acquisition Course

    Breakdown of SILAC Course

    The following chart details the progression of a SILAC course if one was to start at a level of zero Japanese. This does not mean that all students who come to YAMASA will be enrolled at a beginner level as the level that you are admitted at is dependent on the results of your interview test (i.e. you may be placed in an intermediate level upon arrival if your test score is high).

    Basic Asking for permission, Requests Hobbies, likes Now, birthday My friends' and my hometown Explanations, things we frequently do Solving problems Opinions, Travel Can/Cannot Expressing emotions Expressing intention Polite speech Life experiences Describing a situation
    Intermediate Dictionary form, how to express that something is a rumor, apologizing, how to indirectly imply something, technical language, situation appropriate language.