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Introduction to Courses

Yamasa has a range of course options to meet your individual study ambitions

Yamasa provides short course options that focus on conversation ability and cultural studies, among others. We also have long term academic intensive programs for students requiring high levels of proficiency for professional careers or study at a university here in Japan. The duration of your study can range from one week to two years.

Courses are divided by language ability and range from complete beginner to advanced level. Every student enrolling in Yamasa is assessed before commencing their course and placed in the class level that best suits their personal ability. This creates a very effective learning environment. No other institution has as high a quality of lessons and the range of options to meet students' needs.

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Class at Yamasa Institute

Course Overview

Here is an overview for you to find the course that meets your study needs.

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Here you can compare courses to find the one that best suits your level, goals and time frame.

Course Fees

An overview of course fees to help you build your plan of study