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Residence Hane

Recommended for:

  • Single occupants
  • Students studying for 3 months or more (Note: preference is given to students enrolled in the AIJP courses).
  • Students who are taller than 175cms (5 foot 7 inches)

Designed especially for overseas students!

Completed in 2005, YAMASA’s fully furnished ‘Residence Hane’ apartments are designed entirely from the feedback we have received from our students regarding what an ideal apartment for a foreigner in Japan would look like. Therefore, Residence Hane apartments are chock full of features that are ideal for people who are taller than 175 cm (5 foot 7 inches) and/or are originally from countries in the European/North American/Oceania region. These include:

  • Showerheads that are adjustable to a height of 210 centimeters (6 foot 11 inches).
  • Western style toilets
  • High ceilings and door frames
  • Raised bench and countertops
  • Ample kitchen space


Description: These apartments have extensive food preparation areas, high ceilings and interior door clearances, improved energy efficiency, and better privacy & security. The rooms are deliberately designed to make living in Japan more comfortable for students taller than 175cm (5 feet 7 inches) - the height of the desk, sink, food preparation areas, shower head etc have all been raised to prevent back pain and discomfort. 10 Type A apartments and 2 Type B apartments have covered balconies, all large enough to sit comfortably outside. Four of these balconies are large enough for up to 4 people to enjoy outdoor dining. All the apartments are fully furnished and well lit, they are designed for comfortable single occupancy, with double glazed windows and extensive sound insulation to reduce disruptions to your living and study environment from any external noise. The apartments are western style with floors of polished wood. The internal space of Type A is 21.7 square meters (approx. 235 square feet). By contrast Type B is 25.2 square meters (approx. 270 square feet).

Location: Hane is located next to the Student Village, about 12 minutes walk, (6 minutes by bicycle) from the campus. It is also close to shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bus-stops. A 24 hour convenience store and late night coin laundry are 1 minute away.

Shower/Bathroom: Designed for people taller than the average renter of a Japanese apartment, the height of the showerhead can be adjusted so that students up to 210+ centimeters (approx. 6 feet 11 inches) tall can shower standing upright. The shower/bathroom has a small window to let fresh air in during the day, and an extractor fan to remove steam. Even if you shower with the window open, you have total privacy. There is a deep bath tub and a mirror. The floor has been lowered and a lip installed at the base of the door to prevent water exiting the shower room - so you have a dry floor in the change room, which is a useful advantage over other Yamasa apartments such as Residence U or Yamasa Villa, particularly if you have a guest.

Toilet: The toilet is western style, there are 2 toilet paper roll holders and a small shelf above the holder. There is another shelf (deeper and the width of the room) located above the toilet for storage of toilet paper etc.

Washing Basin/Mirror: The washstand has been height adjusted so that tall students do not strain. There is another mirror, so you do not need to enter the shower room. There is plenty of storage space in the cupboards and shelves, a tooth brush holder, very good lighting and power outlets (100V) for hair dryers, electric razors etc.

Kitchen: Type A has a kitchen smaller than that in Type B due to the amount of available space. Even so, the kitchen is better than in any of the other apartments in Yamasa's housing portfolio. All surface areas have been height adjusted, there is excellent lighting and an extraction fan. Compared to all other apartments in Yamasa's portfolio there is more space for storage. The kitchen has a reasonably large amount of room for food preparation. Yamasa provides a refrigerator, electric hotplate and electric rice cooker. The following facilities are provided:

~ Dual convection/microwave oven (you can either microwave or bake)
~ 137 liter refrigerator with freezer
~ Toaster oven
~ Gas cooking (2 gas jets plus grill)
~ Saucepan, frypan, kettle

Please note that utensils are not provided, but can be purchased cheaply at nearby stores, including the "100 Yen" shops.

Main Room: The curtains include a sheer for extra light and privacy. There is a high ceiling. The apartments have air-conditioning/heating, adjustable air vent, a wardrobe with hanging rail, elevated desk, gas lift chair, internal telephone, bed, study lamp and bookshelves. All of the apartments have washing poles.

Internet: Each room has 1 wireless router with 4 LAN 1 Gbps sockets to connect you directly into the Internet for free unlimited access.

External Views

Room Type A

Floor Plan - Type A

Residence Hane A floor plan

Room Type B

Floor Plan - Type B

Residence Hane B floor plan

Details of Furnishings

Type Apartment
Room Facilities
Room Furnishings
Air conditioner
Air Conditioning
Gas burner
Gas Burner
Microwave oven
Microwave Oven
Cooking Utensils
Wired Connection (1 Gbps LAN)
Wireless Connection
Notes ・The is 1 shared free of charge laundry machine on the corridor.
・Machines are securely locked.
・There are no parking lots available.
・Please consult us in the case that you will be using a 50cc scooter.
Bedding (Separate Fee) Hire:\2,000 per week
Extension:\500 per day
*Handling Fee:\2,500


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