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Accommodation Fees

Cost calculator

Cost calculator

Rental Agreements (all terms)
(Prices valid from April 1, 2024.)

Dormitory Type (Communal bath, kitchen and toilet provided)

Facility Floor
Student Village
(Small Room / North Wing)
8 m2 ¥1,000
Student Village
(Small Room / South wing, Sunny side)
8 m2 ¥1,200
Student Village
(Large Room)
11 m2 ¥1,300

Apartment Type (Individual bath, kitchen and toilet provided)

Facility Floor
Villa 1 30 m2 ¥2,200
Villa 3 (Gamer's room) 22 m2 ¥2,700
Villa 3 (Pet friendly room) 22 m2 ¥3,000
Villa 3 (Zen, Kawaii and Halal room) 22 m2 ¥2,500
Villa 4 22 m2 ¥2,100
Villa 5/A 26 m2 ¥2,800
Villa 5/B 30 m2 ¥2,900
Residence Hane A 22 m2 ¥2,300
Residence Hane A
(Small Balcony)
22 m2 ¥2,400
Residence Hane A
(Large Balcony)
22 m2 ¥2,500
Residence Hane B 25 m2 ¥2,500
Residence Hane B
(Large Balcony)
25 m2 ¥2,700
Residence I 100 m2 ¥6,900
Residence K 26 m2 ¥2,200
Residence L (2DK) 35 m2 ¥2,900
Residence L (3DK) 48 m2 ¥3,100
Residence L (1SLDK) Premium Type 35 m2 ¥5,000
Residence U 25 m2 ¥2,200

The daily fee includes water, electricity, gas and internet. Fees are calculated from the date of move-in until the end of the course. The payment for the whole period of stay should be made before the move-in date. If luggage is left behind, payment is due even if the person is not present.


•Accommodation fees do not include futon.
 1)Rental: ¥370/per day
 2)Purchase: ¥25,900
•"Rental Futon" and "Purchased Futon" are a futon, a blanket and pillow set.
 The futon pictured and the ones available for purchase, and the rental one will differ slightly.
Futon Except for some rooms, there is no mattress on the bed so you can not sleep without Futon because the bed is hard without it. Especially from autumn to early spring, it will also become cold in Okazaki and you can not sleep without Futon, so please prepare your own sleeping bag etc if you do not need Futon.
You can rent Futon for only one week , and also you can purchase it during that period.
Customer living in Japan can ship your Futon to YAMASA before moving in and can keep those in the room in advance.
Bed without futon The photo of the bed without Futon.
•Costs concerning communal service expenses, resident’s association fees and utilities are included in the accommodation fees.
•It is possible to share a room but occupants (a group of 2 people) moving into the same room will in principle be expected to move in and leave on the same date. In this case, accommodation rental fees, will be 1 and a half times their usual rate. A designated tenant will be required to handle payment all deposits and fees. This clause will not be applicable in the case of families or those renting any 2DK or 3DK accommodation.