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Our Campus

Our campus is located within 7 a minute walk from the JR Okazaki train station. We provide a comfortable environment to allow students to concentrate on their studies. There are various facilities to not only study Japanese but also experience Japanese culture.

Campus Map

The Yamasa Institute campus map Residence L Residence K Student Village Residence Hane Villa V Villa III & IV Kurumi Fine Food Cafe Megumi Kindergarten Megumi Wonderland Kurashi no Gakkou Domy supermarket Okazaki Minami Hospital Wing Town shopping center Daiso 100 Yen shop JR Okazaki station AB Hotel

Classroom Building

Main Building

Lobby in YAMASA II

The main building has 17 classrooms along with staff rooms and other facilities. There is also plenty of space reserved for students to review and self-study after class. The building is equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, which enable students to concentrate on their studies.



The size of each class is small, but our classrooms are spacious. They are arranged so that students can study Japanese while interacting with their teachers and classmates. The seating arrangement differs from class to class to fit the style of each class.

Staff Room

Staff room

Friendly teachers and staff welcome students here and students can receive consultation regarding their classes and career options. Various life supports such as dormitory and hospital are available. Students can sign up for weekend tours and cultural experience lessons here.

Large Classroom

Large classroom

Entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies are held at this classroom. This room is also used for various purposes such as school event and presentation style lesson.

Reading Room

Reading room

This room is used for reading and self-study. Students can also find information about university or college, job hunting and part-time jobs here.

Cafe Kitsusuki

Cafe Kitsutsuki

It is a coffee shop with a homely atmosphere. Their daily lunch is popular among students.

Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym

There are various training machines. Many students use it after school as it is located only 1 minute walk from our school.

Cooking Studio

Cooking Studio

This studio is used for cultural experiences. You can learn Japanese cultures while enjoying cooking such as Takoyaki, Sukiyaki, Ohagi etc.

Aoi Hall

Aoi Hall

There are YAMASA Institute (Japanese language school for enterprises), FM radio station and a lecture theater in this building. Some classrooms are used in the summer.

Climbing Gym

Climbing Gym

It is one of the few large-scale climbing gym in Japan. Harness and shoes can be rented. (Separate application and charge)

Kurashi no Gakko

Kurashi no Gakko

This is a culture school of our foundation. More than 300 classes of such as music, language, cuisine, sports and art are offered. (Separate application and charge、10% off for students) Website

Sport Square

Sport Square

It is a sport court managed by Kurashi no Gakko. You can enjoy tennis and basketball here. (Reservation is required.)

FM Okazaki

FM OKazaki

This is local radio station of our foundation that provides local information. Excellent students in the Haiku contest appear on the radio every year.

Facility outside Campus

Megumi Kindergarten

It is a kindergarten of our foundation. Volunteer students have international exchanges several times a year.

Megumi Day-Care Center

Megumi Day-Care Center

It is a day-care center for children. Students can leave their child with this center while studying at school. (Separate application and charge) Website


YAMASA has various accommodations within walking distance.

Villa 3
Villa 4
Villa 5
Residence L
Residence Hane
Student Village

Student village (right)

Street View


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For an actual map please use Google maps

JR Okazaki Train Station (Central Japan Railway Company)
Convenient access to Nagoya and other stations, from where the Bullet train can be used for traveling Japan.
Okazaki South Hospital
Located 1 to 2 minutes walk from YAMASA, a general medical care and surgery hospital.
Domy Supermarket
A supermarket for food and everyday goods.
Aeon Mall Okazaki
A large shopping mall where you will find anything from food and clothing shops, general goods, to CD and bookshops. Many restaurants are also located here.
A 100 yen shop selling everyday goods for 100 Yen (without consumption tax).
A shopping mall with food, clothing and everyday goods stores including Uniqlo and large book, CD and game shop. It also has a cinema.