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The key to successful study in Japan does not only depend on the quality of your language course or your own motivation levels. The ability to find comfortable living arrangements are also important. This is easily attainable if you enroll at the YAMASA Institute in Okazaki City.

Located in central Japan, Okazaki is within striking distance of both Osaka and Tokyo; both are accessible via a two hour bullet train journey. In addition to these urban metropolises, Okazaki is also a 50 minute train ride to Nagoya; the fourth biggest city in Japan. This central positioning allows our students to access all of the conveniences of the big city whilst enjoying the more relaxed pace life that Okazaki provides.

Why Okazaki?


Situated close to the automobile manufacturing hub of Toyota (the city and the company), Okazaki is also located in the center of Japan’s major manufacturing region; making it beneficial for those wishing to form professional networks.

Cost of Living

When compared to Tokyo or Osaka, the ability to save money on your day to day expenses is greater if you live in Okazaki. Studying in Japan has a reputation of being expensive but study and living is much more affordable if you study at YAMASA.


Okazaki itself is rich in history and culture. It is the hometown of the most famous samurai Tokugawa Ieyasu, who unified Japan after a long period of civil war. While this is one of the many charms of Okazaki, the greater Aichi region is home to countless assorted tourist attractions. We are currently compiling information concerning them on Chubupedia: A treasure trove of all things central Japan (See below).

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