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The Hattori Foundation, established in 1919 by Tarokichi Hattori, has been active in educational philanthropy in a wide range of fields ever since. The fundamental purpose of the Foundation is to make the best possible contribution to improving the welfare of local society. The Foundation actively supports educational activities at all levels from early childhood through to tertiary level. It aims to contribute to the further development of Okazaki as a city of culture and education and help revive the distinctive features of the Mikawa region.

The Foundation set about to concentrate resources into improving the quality of Japanese language education for international students both inside Japan and in their own countries. Our research and assistance to academics in this field are key parts of this effort. However the absence of a genuinely high quality institution specializing only in the teaching of Japanese language programs, and open to applications from all nationalities regardless of institutional links, led to the direct establishment of the Yamasa Institute by the Foundation itself. From its initial establishment, Yamasa has constantly been setting ever increasing standards in this field.

Mr. Tarokichi Hattori, founder of the Hattori Foundation

Mr. Tarokichi Hattori's statue

Hattori Group

Kurashi school logo Hattori Foundation Kurashi School

Kurashi School is a local culture center. We provide a variety of more than 300 courses ranging from health and spirituality learning, childcare, cooking, interests, music, education, to sports. Kurashi School is approximately 5 minutes away on foot from YAMASA. Students of YAMASA are welcome to join us (with student discounts).
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Megumi Wonderland logo Hattori Foundation Megumi Kindergarten

Megumi Kindergarten has been in existence in Okazaki for over 80 years. We have nurtured many children. By aiming at “cultivation of rich character,” we’ve been striving to put the latest educational methods into practice. While attending courses of YAMASA , according to the conditions of enrollment, you are welcome to entrust your children to Megumi Kindergarten.
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Megumi Wonderland logo Hattori Foundation Megumi Wonderland Daycare Center

Megumi Wonderland Daycare Center is a nursery where children (over 1 year old) can be entrusted. You can leave your beloved children to our qualified childcare workers who would take care of your children with safety and security. While attending YAMASA, according to the conditions of enrollment, you are welcome to entrust your children to Megumi Wonderland Daycare Center.
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YAMASA言語文化研究所のロゴ Hattori Foundation YAMASA Gengo Bunka Kenkyujo

It is an institute specializing in language trainings for companies and public institutions. A division became separated from our school and was newly established as an independent institute in 2015. It provides customized language trainings according to the needs of companies and public institutions.
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FM Okazaki logo FM EGAO

FM EGAO is a radio station in Nishimikawa area broadcasting for 24 hours. We offer town news, weather forecast, music programs, etc.
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Hattori Industry logo Hattori Industry, Ltd.

Founded in 1885, Hattori Industry Ltd. manufactures kitchen equipment for hospitals and schools. We value highly of kitchen safety, security, and human-friendliness. Providing our customers with solutions is the goal of our company.
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Artec logo Artec, Ltd.

We manufacture and sell lunch without flavoring chemicals to institutes such as hospitals and schools and provide lunch boxes for YAMASA. In addition, we run "Kurumi Fine Food Cafe” close to YAMASA.
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Feb 1919
Tarokichi Hattori establishes the Hattori Foundation in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture.
Mar 1924
The Hattori Foundation begins operating a private technical school in Okazaki.
May 1933
The Hattori Foundation establishes the Okazaki Private Kindergarten.
Mar 1938
The Hattori Foundation gifts the Okazaki Technical High School to the Aichi Prefecture.
The school becomes the Aichi Prefectural Technical High School in Okazaki.
Apr 1963
The Okazaki Private Kindergarten is renamed 'Megumi Kindergarten'.
Mar 1991
The Hattori Foundation establishes the Yamasa Institute, Japanese Language School.
Nov 1991
The Yamasa Institute earns accreditation from the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Yamasa formally registers with the Immigration Bureau of Japan as a Japanese Language School.
Apr 1992
The Yamasa Institute officially opens and commences its Japanese Language Training.
Oct 1998
The Japanese Training Course is renamed the Aichi Center for Japanese Studies.
Apr 2004
The Japanese Teacher Training Centre opens at the Yamasa Institute. The Japanese Training Course commences.
Oct 2006
The 'Kurashi no Gakkou' Culture Centre opens.
Apr 2010
Control of the Yamasa Institute is transferred from the Hattori Foundation to the Hattori Educational Institution and the newly organised entity receives approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan.
Jan 2012
The Yamasa Institute opens a branch in the city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture.