About Okazaki City

    Tradition and Culture

    The city of Okazaki is a place of peace and tranquility and is famous around the world for being the birthplace of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the creator of the Edo Period. Due to the fact that merchants and artisans have prospered in this region for a long time, it is possible to see and feel the tradition and culture of the region in every street.

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    With so many famous products being manufactured in and around Okazaki - miso, stone lanterns (stone work), automobile components, etc. it is possible to tour the actual facilities where these products are made. In this light, students love studying in Okazaki because it is place where they can come and truly experience Japan's history and culture.

    Industry and Fashion

    As everyone is already familiar with the Toyota Motor Corporation, Okazaki is known for it's location adjacent to Toyota City, where Toyota's headquarters are located. While the development of Okazaki has coincided with the automobile industry in recent years, it was not too long ago that Okazaki was widely recognised as one of the leading cities for trade. It is also home to one of Japan's leading regional malls where consumers can buy the latest electronics, fashion and other popular items. This is simply one more reason why students choose to study in Okazaki.

    Weekdays are made up primarily of studying Japanese with opportunities to experience Japan's traditions and culture and at the same time also being able to sense nature's four seasons. On weekends you can shop at one of Japan's high quality shopping centres or it is possible to use your days off to travel around Japan. With Yamasa being surrounded by an environment of traditional culture and fashion, it makes it the ideal place to experience Japan.

    Ieyasu Parade & Procession

    Okazaki Ieyasu festival

    Nothing reminds people more of Spring in Okazaki than the 'Ieyasu Parade and Procession' where the public elects someone to play the role of Ieyasu Tokugawa and lead a procession of over 1,000 traditionally dressed samurai and princesses through the heart of Okazaki.

    Okazaki Jazz Street Festival

    Okazaki street performance

    Every year Okazaki hosts a two day jazz festival in November. During this two day period, jazz fills the city as jazz musicians from all over Japan give live performances in venues throughout Okazaki.

    Fireworks Display

    Okazaki fireworks

    Okazaki has been the official home of Mikawa fireworks ever since the Edo period. Boasting a total of 20,000 fireworks, over 500,000 spectators gather in August to view one of Japan's leading fireworks displays and enjoy summer's signature event.

    Automotive Industry

    Toyota Motor Corporation

    A number of automotive factories are located in Okazaki. A number of products such as hybrid car parts are manufactured in the city. The working conditions and safety offered by these factories attract large numbers of overseas workers to Okazaki.

    Japanese Food

    Japanese food

    Instantly recognised as a part of Japanese cuisine, typical Japanese food such as sushi, tempura sukiyaki, and soba can be easily found here. From season to season, visitors can enjoy Japanese food made with seasonal ingredients.



    The explosive popularity of Japanese manga in other countries is symbolic of Japan's new culture. There are always lots of young people enjoying manga at so called ‘manga cafes' where everyone can freely enjoy plenty of low priced manga