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    At Yamasa we have a wide variety of courses that provide a range of learning approaches. Each course is overseen by a minimum of four teachers which leads to students developing the ability to comprehend a range or different speaking styles. Furthermore students have the opportunity to mix with Yamasa's support staff as well. Outside of school, students also naturally come to grips with the language through everyday encounters.

    Before your class begins

    Before Japanese lessons begin, students sit assessment tests to ensure they are placed in the correct level of class for their chosen course. These assessments not only involve reading and writing tests, but also a one on one interview with one of our teachers. These extensive assessments ensure you are placed in the correct level class for your ability.

    Multinational student body

    Students from all over the world come to study at our Japanese language school. This results in classes being made up of students with different native languages, creating a perfect environment for students to use their Japanese to talk about your own country and culture, among many other topics.

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    A problem many people find when studying in Japan is where they can live. Students trying to find a rental agency and signing contracts does become a real problem. However, at Yamasa students are provided with comfortable accommodation managed by Yamasa itself. This leads to students being able to focus entirely on their studies and not have to worry about the normal stresses involved in having to obtain their own accommodation.


    Students studying at Yamasa are provided with complete support by Yamasa's Customer Service Center. This includes among other things, providing answers for any questions you may have during your enrollment as well as support for any issues you may have while studying at Yamasa. This support even extends until after you have graduated. Yamasa makes every effort to ensure that your study is carried out in as comfortable environment as possible.

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