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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/8FBE08A1745F05DE49256A8B000D2DD5?OpenDocument'>彳</A>]オウgo on
往年おうねん(adj-no,n) former/one-time/years ago/(P)/
往還おうかん(n) traffic/coming and going/highway/
往復葉書おうふくはがきpostcard with a reply card attached/
往来おうらい(n) coming and going/road/correspondence/street traffic/highway/(P)/
往古よりおうこよりfrom times immemorial/from ancient times/
往訪おうほう(n) visit/interview/
往返おうへん(n) round trip/
往生際おうじょうぎわ(n) at the point of death/the time to give up/
往診おうしん(n) doctor's visit/house call/(P)/
往路おうろ(n) outward journey/
往昔おうせき(n) ancient times/
往々おうおう(adv) sometimes/often/
往復切符おうふくきっぷa round-trip ticket/
往き返りゆきかえりround trip/
往生おうじょう(n,vs) death/submission/at wit's end/(P)/
往なすいなす(v5s) to let go/to chase away/
往信おうしん(n) first half of a reply card/
往航おうこう(n) outward voyage/
往往おうおう(adv) sometimes/often/
往時おうじ(n) ancient times/
往事おうじ(n) the past/past events/
往き来ゆきき(n,vs) street traffic/highway/coming and going/
往日おうじつ(n) ancient times/
往古おうこ(n) ancient times/
往復おうふく(n,vs) (col) round trip/coming and going/return ticket/(P)/
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/8FBE08A1745F05DE49256A8B000D2DD5?OpenDocument'>彳</A>]ケイdiameter
径路けいろ(n) path/route/process/
径庭けいてい(n) great difference/

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