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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/3201E1195B32EF4449256A8B000C8F93?OpenDocument'>口</A>]モンと(う)、と(い)question
問い正すといただす(v5) to question/
問い合わせといあわせ(n) enquiry/ENQ/
問罪もんざい(n,vs) accusation/indictment/
問診もんしん(n,vs) interview (usually medical)/history taking/
問い合わせるといあわせる(v1) to enquire/to seek information/(P)/
問い掛けるといかける(v1) to ask a question/
問題を取り上げるもんだいをとりあげる(v1) to take up a problem/
問題外もんだいがい(n) unthinkable/out of the question/
問答もんどう(n) questions and answers/dialogue/(P)/
問いとい(n) question/query/(P)/
問題点もんだいてん(n) the point at issue/
問題意識もんだいいしきawareness of the issues/
問い詰めるといつめる(v1) to press a question/to cross-examine/
問題領域もんだいりょういき(n) problem area/
問わず語りとわずがたり(n) unprompted remark or statement/
問合せといあわせ(n) enquiry/ENQ/
問屋といや(n) wholesale store/
問い合わせ先といあわせさき(n) reference/
問題の点もんだいのてんpoint in dispute/
問いを掛けるといをかける(exp) to ask a question of (a person)/
問屋とんや(n) wholesale store/(P)/
問題劇もんだいげき(n) controversial or problem play/
問うとう(v5u) to ask/to question/to charge (i.e. with a crime)/to accuse/without regard to (neg)/(P)/
問題を扱うもんだいをあつかう(exp) to deal with (handle) a matter/
問い返すといかえす(v5s) to ask again/to ask back/
問題もんだい(n) problem/question/(P)/
問い合わせ状といあわせじょうletter of inquiry/
問責もんせき(n,vs) blame/censure/reproof/reprimand/rebuke/

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