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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/0758584B3913097049256A8B000C8B55?OpenDocument'>又</A>]シュとる、と(り)take
取り扱うとりあつかう(v5u) to treat/to handle/to deal in/(P)/
取扱とりあつかい(n) treatment/service/handling/management/(P)/
取り決めるとりきめる(v1) to agree/to decide upon/to enter into (a contract)/
取得しゅとく(n) acquisition/(P)/
取り込み詐欺とりこみさぎconfidence trick/
取り囲むとりかこむ(v5m) to surround/to crowd around/(P)/
取り逃がすとりにがす(v5s) to let slip/to fail to catch/
取り合わせとりあわせ(n) an assortment/combination/
取り引き先とりひきさき(n) customer/client/
取り替えとりかえ(n) swap/exchange/(P)/
取説とりせつ(abbr) users' manual/
取決めとりきめ(n) decision/agreement/(P)/
取締まりとりしまり(n) control/management/supervision/(P)/
取捨しゅしゃ(n) choice/option/rejection or adoption/(P)/
取り立て金とりたてきん(n) money collected/
取り組むとりくむ(v5m) to tackle/to wrestle with/to engage in a bout/to come to grips with/(P)/
取扱説明書とりあつかいせつめいしょuser's manual/handling instructions/
取り留めるとりとめる(v1) to stop/to put a stop to/to check/
取り消すとりけす(v5s) to cancel/(P)/
取り放題とりほうだい(n) as much as one can take or carry away/
取り運ぶとりはこぶ(v5b) to proceed smoothly/
取っ手とって(n) handle/grip/knob/(P)/
取扱いとりあつかい(n) treatment/service/handling/management/(P)/
取り違えるとりちがえる(v1) to take by mistake/
取りも直さずとりもなおさず(adv,exp) namely/that is/which is to say/
取り交わすとりかわす(v5s) to exchange/to interchange/
取り除くとりのぞく(v5k) to remove/to take away/to set apart/(P)/
取り纏めるとりまとめる(v1) to collect/to arrange/to settle/
取り沙汰とりざた(n) rumor/gossip/(idle) talk/

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