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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/BE307C32790D958049256A8B000C19C2?OpenDocument'>卜</A>]センし(める)、うらな(う)occupy
占星術せんせいじゅつ(n) astrology/
占有率せんゆうりつ(n) (market) share/
占むしむ(v5) (arch) to occupy/to hold/to command/to account for/
占い当てるうらないあてる(v1) to divine/
占住せんじゅう(vs) occupying/
占取権せんしゅけんright of preoccupancy/
占めたしめたI've got it/all right/fine/
占いうらない(n) fortune telling/(P)/
占卜せんぼく(n) divination/fortunetelling/soothsaying/
占用せんよう(n) exclusive use/personal use/
占領地帯せんりょうちたいoccupied zone/
占領せんりょう(n,vs) occupation/capture/possession/have a room to oneself/(P)/
占拠せんきょ(n) occupation/
占居せんきょ(n,vs) occupying a certain place/
占い師うらないし(n) diviner/fortuneteller/soothsayer/palmist/
占領軍せんりょうぐんarmy of occupation/
占師うらないし(n) diviner/fortuneteller/soothsayer/palmist/
占算うらやさんa diviner/
占書うらぶみdiviner's book/
占有権せんゆうけん(n) right of exclusive possession/
占めるしめる(v1) to comprise/to hold/to occupy/(P)/
占地しめじ(n) type of kinoku mushroom/
占領下せんりょうか(adj-na) occupied (by an army)/
占領地せんりょうちoccupied territory/
占拠地せんきょちoccupied territory/
占者うらないしゃ(n) diviner/fortuneteller/soothsayer/palmist/

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