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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/1C6ACC018F8ED38E49256A8B000BA23B?OpenDocument'>力</A>]セイいきお(い)power
勢力範囲せいりょくはんいsphere of influence/
勢車はずみぐるま(n) flywheel/
勢いいきおい(adv,n) force/vigor/energy/spirit/life/authority/influence/power/might/impetus/course (of events)/tendency/necessarily/(P)/
勢力家せいりょくか(n) man of influence/
せい(n) energy/military strength/
勢家せいか(n) influential family/the man in power/
勢い込むいきおいこむ(v5m) to brace oneself/
勢いを振るういきおいをふるう(exp) to wield power/to exercise authority/
勢力圏せいりょくけん(n) sphere of influence/
勢力せいりょく(n) influence/power/might/strength/potency/force/energy/(P)/
勢子せこ(n) beater (on a hunt)/
勢門せいもん(n) influential family/the man in power/
勢力家せいりょっか(n) man of influence/
勢望せいぼう(n) power and popularity/
勢威せいい(n) force/power/influence/
勢い付くいきおいづく(v5k) to gather strength/to take heart/
勢力下にせいりょくかにunder the influence of/
勢揃いせいぞろい(n) array/muster/line-up/full force/
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/1C6ACC018F8ED38E49256A8B000BA23B?OpenDocument'>力</A>]チョクimperial decree
勅題ちょくだい(n) theme of the Imperial Poetry Contest/
勅書ちょくしょ(n) imperial rescript/
勅命ちょくめい(n) imperial command/(P)/
みことのり(n) imperial decree/imperial edict/
勅撰ちょくせん(n) compilation for the emperor/emperor's literary production/
勅宣ちょくせん(n) imperial decree/
勅任官ちょくにんかん(n) imperial appointee/

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