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一糸乱れずいっしみだれず(exp) in perfect order/
一局部いちきょくぶone part/
一生の真盛りいっしょうのまっさかりthe noontide of life/
一難いちなん(n) one difficulty/one danger/
一封いっぷう(n) a sealed letter/a sealed document/an enclosure/
一陽来復いちようらいふく(n) return of spring/long-awaited, favorable turn of fortune/
一隻いっせき(n) one boat/one ship/
一日千秋いちじつせんしゅう(n) (wait) impatiently/(spend) many a weary day/
一期いっき(n) (1) one's life time/a lifetime/(2) a term/a half-year/a quarter/
一個人いっこじん(n) private person/individual/
一如いちにょ(n) oneness/
一次線輪いちじせんりんprimary coil/
一目ひとめ(n-adv,n-t) a glance/a look/a glimpse/(P)/
一日増しにいちにちましに(adv) day by day/
一驚いっきょう(n) surprise/amazement/
一段落付けるいちだんらくつけるto complete the first stage of/to settle for the time being/
一転いってん(n-adv) a turn/complete change/
一途にいちずに(adv) wholeheartedly/
一握りひとにぎり(adj-no,n) handful/small handful/(P)/
一般論いっぱんろん(n) prevailing view/common opinion/general consideration/
一読いちどく(n) perusal/one reading/
一年生いちねんせい(n) (1) annual (plant)/(2) first-year university or high-school student (esp. US)/freshman/
一転機いってんき(n) a turning point/
一才いっさいone year old/

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