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五体ごたい(n) the whole body/limbs/(P)/
五日いつか(n) five days/the fifth day (of the month)/(P)/
五月雨さつきあめ(n) early summer rain/
五輪大会ごりんたいかいOlympic Games/(P)/
五分刈りごぶがり(n) close haircut/
五里霧中ごりむちゅう(n) be totally at a loss/lose one's bearings/be in a maze/in a fog/all at sea/up in the air/mystified/bewildered/(P)/
五線紙ごせんし(n) music paper/
五月幟さつきのぼり(n) May Boy's Festival paper-carp streamers/
五輪聖火ごりんせいかOlympic Torch/
五分ごぶ(n-adv,n) half/50%/tie/evenness/(P)/
五畿内ごきない(n) the Five Home Provinces/
五倍ごばいfive times/
五稜堡ごりょうほ5-sided fort/Pentagon/
五人囃子ごにんばやし(n) five court-musician dolls at the Girl's Festival (in March)/
五穀ごこく(n) the 5 grains (wheat, rice, beans, millet (awa and kibi))/(P)/
五輪のマークごりんのマークthe five-ring Olympic emblem/
五月人形ごがつにんぎょう(n) Boys' May Festival dolls/
五斗米ごとべい(n) small salary/

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