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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]ジ、ズことthing (abstract)
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]ソウあらそ(う)dispute
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]previously
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]リョウfinish
了察りょうさつ(n,vs) consideration/taking into account/sympathy with/
了見りょうけん(n) (1) idea/thought/intention/design/inclination/decision/(2) motive/(3) discretion/(4) forgiveness/toleration/
了簡違いりょうけんちがいmistaken idea or notion/a misstep/
了とりょうと(vs) acknowledgement/understanding/appreciating/excusing/
了簡りょうけん(n) (1) idea/thought/intention/design/inclination/decision/(2) motive/(3) discretion/(4) forgiveness/toleration/
了解事項りょうかいじこう(n) understanding (between the two)/
了解りょうかい(n,vs) comprehension/consent/understanding/roger (on the radio)/(P)/
了承りょうしょう(n,vs) acknowledgement/understanding (e.g. "please be understanding of the mess during our renovation")/(P)/
了覚りょうかく(vs) coming to understand/
りょう(n,vs) finish/completion/understanding/(P)/
了見違いりょうけんちがいwrong idea/delusion/indiscretion/false step/
了知りょうち(n,vs) knowing/understanding/appreciation/
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