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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]ジ、ズことthing (abstract)
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]ソウあらそ(う)dispute
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予想利益よそうりえきestimated profits/
予防注射よぼうちゅうしゃ(n) immunization/shots/inoculation/preventive injection/
予備科よびかpreparatory course/
予定日よていびscheduled date/expected date/
予餞会よせんかい(n) farewell party for graduates (held prior to graduation)/
予定納税よていのうぜいprepayment of income taxes/
予々かねがね(adv) often/lately/already/
予言よげん(n) prediction/promise/prognostication/(P)/
予備金よびきん(n) reserve fund/emergency fund/
予示よじ(n,vs) showing signs of/foreshadow/
予知夢よちむforesight dream/
予備校よびこう(n) prep school (ronin year)/(P)/
予備選挙よびせんきょpreliminary election/a primary (election)/
予備士官学校よびしかんがっこうreserve officers' cadet school/
予備装置よびそうちreserve equipment/backup unit/spare/
予後よご(n) prognosis/aftereffects/recuperation/convalescence/
予約出版よやくしゅっぱんpublication after securing subscriptions/
予防法よぼうほうprecautionary measures/
予報よほう(n,vs) forecast/prediction/(P)/
予備交渉よびこうしょうpreliminary negotiations/
予予かねがね(adv) often/lately/already/

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