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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]ジ、ズことthing (abstract)
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/09DD13C1FA755E6149256A88002A4F42?OpenDocument'>亅</A>]ソウあらそ(う)dispute
争覇戦そうはせんstruggle for supremacy/championship game/
争い訴えるあらそいうったえる(v1) to accuse/to rise up in judgment against/
争われないあらそわれない(exp) indisputable/undeniable/unmistakable/
争議権そうぎけん(n) right to strike/
争端そうたん(n) beginning of a dispute/
争い戦うあらそいたたかう(v5) to fight with/to contend with/
争議行為そうぎこういdirect action/strike/
争議そうぎ(n) dispute/quarrel/strike/(P)/
争乱そうらん(n) rioting/disturbances/
争い怒るあらそいいかる(v5) to be angry and quarrelsome/
争でいかで(adv) how/
争訟そうしょう(adj-no,n) dispute by legal action/contentious/
争点そうてん(n) point at issue/(P)/
争闘そうとう(n) strife/struggle/
争論そうろん(n) argument/dispute/controversy/
争奪そうだつ(n) struggle/contest/(P)/
争いが収まるあらそいがおさまる(exp) to be settled/
争い好きあらそいずき(adj-na) quarrelsome/contentious/
争覇そうは(n) contending for victory/struggling for supremacy/
争うあらそう(v5u) to dispute/to argue/to be at variance/to compete/(P)/
争いあらそい(n) dispute/strife/quarrel/dissension/conflict/rivalry/contest/(P)/

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