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事績じせき(n) achievement/exploit/merits/
事前協議じせんきょうぎprior consultation/
事々ことごと(n) everything/
事を起こすことをおこす(exp) to cause trouble (a disturbance)/
事件記者じけんきしゃpolice reporter/
事足りることたりる(v1) to suffice/to serve the purpose/to be satisfied/
事大主義じだいしゅぎworship of the powerful/
事務局長じむきょくちょうhead of the secretariat/
事相じそう(n) aspect/phase/phenomenon/
こと(n) thing/matter/fact/circumstances/business/reason/experience/(P)/
事実を覆うじじつをおおう(exp) to disguise a fact/
事大じだい(n) subserviency to the stronger/
事と次第でこととしだいでif things permit/under certain circumstances/
事寄すことよす(v5) to find an excuse/
事事ことごと(n) everything/
事務家じむか(n) man of affairs/
事実上じじつじょう(n) as a matter of fact/
事務機器じむききbusiness machine(ry)/
事細かにことこまかにminutely/in detail/
事務取扱いじむとりあつかい(n) acting director/
事業団じぎょうだん(n) corporation/agency/
事体じたい(n) situation/present state of affairs/circumstances/

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