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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]オツ、イツおとsecond
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]カンかわ(く)、かわ(かす)、ほ(す)dry
乾魚ほしうお(n) dried fish/
乾魚ひざかな(n) dried fish/
乾燥地かんそうちdry land/
乾燥卵かんそうたまごdehydrated eggs/
乾溜かんりゅう(n) dry distillation/
乾物からもの(n) dried fish/groceries/
乾パンかんパン(n) cracker/hard biscuit/hardtack/
乾っ風からっかぜ(n) a cold, strong, dry wind/
乾式かんしき(n) dry process/
乾坤一擲けんこんいってき(n) stake all (on something)/play for all or nothing/throwing all into a task/
乾燥機かんそうき(n) drying machine/dryer/desiccator/
乾枯かんこ(n,vs) completely drying up/
乾燥室かんそうしつ(n) drying room/
乾田かんでん(n) dry paddy field/
乾湿かんしつ(n) degree of humidity/
乾所帯かんじょたいpoverty-stricken household/
乾船渠かんせんきょ(n) dry dock/
乾性かんせい(adj-na,n) dry/dryness/dry (pleurisy)/
乾板かんばん(n) dry plate/
乾位けに(rare) northwest/
乾拭からぶき(n) polishing with a dry cloth/
乾燥牛乳かんそうぎゅうにゅうpowdered milk/
乾性油かんせいゆ(n) drying oil/linseed oil/

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