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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]オツ、イツおとsecond
乙に澄ますおつにすます(exp) to pose affectedly serene/
乙種おつしゅ(n) second grade/
乙巡おつじゅんsecond-class cruiser/
乙な味おつなあじstrange taste/spicy taste/(P)/
おつ(adj-na,n) (1) strange/quaint/stylish/chic/spicy/queer/witty/tasty/romantic/(2) 2nd in rank/second sign of the Chinese calendar/(P)/
乙夜おつや(n) about 10 p.m./
乙夜いつや(n) about 10 p.m./
乙女おとめ(n) daughter/young lady/virgin/maiden/little girl/
乙姫おとひめ(n) youngest princess/
乙子おとご(n) last child/
きのと(adj-na,n) (1) strange/quaint/stylish/chic/spicy/queer/witty/tasty/romantic/
乙女心おとめごころ(n) girl's feeling/maiden's mind/
乙女座おとめざ(n) Virgo/maiden guild/
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]カンかわ(く)、かわ(かす)、ほ(す)dry
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]キュウ、クここの(つ)nine
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]ニュウちち、ちmilk
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/FC9F37016BB484AF49256A88002A4CB4?OpenDocument'>乙</A>]ランみだれるriot
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