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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/7DCF2353B935D05249256A88002A4B0F?OpenDocument'>丿</A>]丿キュウ、クひさ(しい)long-continued
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/7DCF2353B935D05249256A88002A4B0F?OpenDocument'>丿</A>]丿キュウおよ(ぶ)、およ(ぼす)、およ(び)reach
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/7DCF2353B935D05249256A88002A4B0F?OpenDocument'>丿</A>]丿ジョウの(る)、の(せる)ride
乗り馬のりうま(n) riding horse/saddle horse/
乗数効果じょうすうこうかmultiplier effect (econ.)/
乗り合い船のりあいぶね(n) ferryboat/
乗り飛ばすのりとばす(v5) to tear along (a road)/
乗り逃げのりにげ(n) stealing a ride/stolen ride/
乗り降りのりおり(n) getting on and off/(P)/
乗り換えのりかえ(n) transfer (trains, buses, etc.)/(P)/
乗せるのせる(v1) to place on (something)/to take on board/to give a ride/to let (one) take part/to impose on/to record/to mention/to load (luggage)/to publish/to run (an ad)/(P)/
乗入れのりいれ(n) driving into/
乗回すのりまわす(v5s,vt) to drive (a car) around/to ride (a bicycle) around/(P)/
乗客を降ろすじょうきゃくをおろす(exp) to discharge passengers/
乗ずるじょうずる(v5z) to take advantage of/to multiply (in math)/to follow blindly/(P)/
乗務じょうむ(n) doing transport-related work/
乗るか反るかのるかそるか(adv,exp) win or lose/sink or swim/make or break/
乗っ取りのっとり(n) capture/takeover/hijack/skyjacking/
乗り越しのりこし(n) riding past (one's station)/(P)/
乗りが良いのりがいいspread well/
乗換駅のりかええき(n) transfer station/transfer point/
乗り越し料金のりこしりょうきんexcess fare (for going too far)/
乗組員のりくみいん(n) crew/(P)/
乗り替えるのりかえる(v1) to transfer (trains)/to change (bus, train)/
乗り物のりもの(n) vehicle/(P)/
乗り通るのりとおる(v5) to ride through/to ride along/

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