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丸まるまるまる(adv,n) completely/(P)/
丸本まるぼん(n) reciter's book/complete set of books/
丸写しまるうつし(n,vs) copying in entirety (verbatim)/
丸焼きまるやき(n) barbecue/
丸裸になるまるはだかになる(v5) to strip a person of all his or her clothes/
丸窓まるまど(n) circular window/
丸めるまるめる(v1) to make round/to round off/to roll up/to curl up/to seduce/to cajole/to explain away/(P)/
丸材まるざい(n) log/
丸太ん棒まるたんぼう(n) log/
丸坊主まるぼうず(n) close-cropped head/bald hill/
丸形まるがた(n) (1) round shape/circle/(2) circular form/
丸太まるた(n) log/
丸くなってまるくなってin a circle (ring)/
丸丸まるまる(adv,n) completely/
丸禿まるはげcomplete baldness/
丸鑿まるのみ(n) a gouge/
丸焼けまるやけ(n) total fire loss/completely burned/
丸勝ちまるがち(n) complete victory/clean record/
丸首まるくび(n) round-necked (T-shirt)/
丸鋼まるこうround steel bar/
丸儲けまるもうけ(n) clear gain/
丸事まるごと(adv) in its entirety/whole/wholly/
丸っきりまるっきり(adv) completely/perfectly/just as if/(P)/
丸木造りまるきづくりrustic work/
丸く治まるまるくおさまるto settle peacefully/to become reconciled/

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