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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/6B7F8EA5086CB10049256A8B000B8B3D?OpenDocument'>刀</A>]カツわ(れる)、わ(る)、わ(り)、さ(く)divide
割り振るわりふる(v5r) to assign/to allot/to divide among/to distribute/to prorate/to assess/
割賦購買かっぷこうばいbuying in installments/
割烹着かっぽうぎ(n) coverall apron/cook's apron/
割合にわりあいに(adv) comparatively/(P)/
割拠かっきょ(n,vs) holding one's ground/defending local authority/
割判わりはん(n) tally impression/
割賦わっぷ(n) allotment/quota/payment in installments/hire-purchase/
割引きわりびき(n,suf) discount/reduction/rebate/tenths discounted/(P)/
割り楔わりくさびsplit wedge/
割増料金わりましりょうきんa surcharge/extra charge/
割愛かつあい(n,vs) giving something up reluctantly/omitting/leaving out/sparing/

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