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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/0D5FA8742A2151CD49256A8B000B8678?OpenDocument'>凵</A>]オウくぼ(む)、へこ(む)hollow
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/0D5FA8742A2151CD49256A8B000B8678?OpenDocument'>凵</A>]キョウbad luck
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/0D5FA8742A2151CD49256A8B000B8678?OpenDocument'>凵</A>]シュツ、スイで(る)、だ(す)go out
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/0D5FA8742A2151CD49256A8B000B8678?OpenDocument'>凵</A>]トツでこconvex
凸版印刷とっぱんいんさつletterpress/relief printing/(P)/
凸凹でこぼこ(adj-na,n) unevenness/roughness/ruggedness/(P)/
凸鏡とっきょうconvex lens/
凸坊でこぼう(n) beetle-browed boy/mischief/
凸凹とつおう(adj-na,n) unevenness/roughness/ruggedness/
凸凹紙とつおうしembossed paper/
凸レンズとつレンズ(n) convex lens/
凸角とっかく(n) convex angle/

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