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凡退ぼんたい(n) out in 1-2-3 order/
凡器ぼんきordinary talent/
凡書ぼんしょ(n) ordinary book/ordinary handwriting/
凡百ぼんぴゃく(n) many/many kinds/
凡ならざる人物ぼんならざるじんぶつman of unusual ability/remarkable man/
凡小ぼんしょう(adj-na,n) small and of mediocre talent/
凡僧ぼんそうunranked priest/ordinary priest/
凡愚ぼんぐ(adj-na,n) common person/foolish commoner/
凡百ぼんひゃく(n) many/many kinds/
凡策ぼんさく(n) commonplace policy/
凡試合ぼんしあいdull game (of baseball)/

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