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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/C9DD8463423EF06A49256A8B000B7A46?OpenDocument'>冫</A>]ギョウこ(る)、こ(らす)congeal
凝固点ぎょうこてん(n) freezing point/
凝らすこごらす(v5,vt) to freeze/to congeal/
凝乳ぎょうにゅうcurd/curdled mild/rennet/
凝りしこり(n) stiffness (in shoulders)/swelling/hardening/
凝脂ぎょうし(n) solidified oil/
凝らすこらす(v5s) to concentrate/to devote/to apply/to strain/to rack/
凝るこごる(v5r) to congeal/to freeze/
しこり(n) stiffness (in shoulders)/swelling/hardening/
凝結ぎょうけつ(n) coagulation/freezing/solidification/curdling/setting/congealing/(P)/
凝めるみつめる(oK) (v1) (uk) to stare at/to gaze at/to look hard at/to watch intently/to fix one's eyes on/
凝議ぎょうぎ(n) deliberation/consultation/
凝立ぎょうりつ(n) standing absolutely still/

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