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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/1EEF8F6817006EF249256A8B000B66D5?OpenDocument'>八</A>]キョウとも、とも(に)share
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兼すけんす(vs) to combine with/to serve as both/to hold an additional post/to use with/
兼務けんむ(n) additional post/
兼帯けんたい(n) combined use/combination/filling two positions/serving two purposes/
兼営けんえい(n,vs) operating or carrying on simultaneously/
兼ね仕えるかねつかえる(v1) to serve at the same time/
兼ねるかねる(suf,v1) to hold (position)/to serve/to be unable/to be beyond one's ability/to combine with/to use with/cannot/to hesitate to/to be impatient/(P)/
兼備けんび(n,vs) being proficient in both/combine both/
兼ね合いかねあい(n,vs) equilibrium/good balance/poise/
兼業けんごう(n) side line/second business/
兼ね役かねやくcarrying on a second line of work/
兼勤けんきん(n) additional post/
兼ね兼ねかねがね(adv) often/lately/already/
兼任けんにん(n) concurrent post/(P)/
兼ねてかねて(adv) simultaneously/
兼併けんぺい(n,vs) uniting/unity/

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