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具体例ぐたいれいconcrete example/
具体化ぐたいか(n) embodiment/
具体性ぐたいせい(n) concreteness/feasibility/
具につぶさに(adv) in detail/with great care/completely/again and again/
具備ぐび(n,vs) endowment/possession/qualification/equipment/
具合いぐあい(n) condition/state/manner/health/
具現ぐげん(n) incarnation/embodiment/
具のないスープぐのないスープsoup with no ingredients/
具体策ぐたいさくconcrete plan/(P)/
具象ぐしょう(n,vs) embodying/expressing concretely/
具体ぐたい(n) concrete/tangible/material/
具えるそなえる(v1) to be furnished with/(P)/
具の無いスープぐのないスープsoup with no ingredients/
具体的ぐたいてき(adj-na) concrete/tangible/definite/(P)/
具足ぐそく(n) completeness/armor/coat of mail/

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