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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/177790E2A10CDBE449256A8B000B5CA2?OpenDocument'>入</A>]ナイ、ダイうちinside
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入場門にゅうじょうもんadmission gate/
入れるいれる(v1) to put in/to take in/to bring in/to let in/to admit/to introduce/to commit (to prison)/to usher in/to insert/to set (jewels)/to employ/to listen to/to tolerate/to comprehend/to include/to pay (interest)/to cast (votes)/(P)/
入学難にゅうがくなんdifficulty of getting into a college/
入り浜いりはま(n) salt farm/
入れ目いれめ(n) artificial eye/
入舎にゅうしゃ(n) entering a dormitory/
入力フィールドにゅうりょくフィールドentry field/
入洛にゅうらく(n) proceeding to Kyoto/entering Kyoto/
入会金にゅうかいきん(n) initiation fee/admission fee/
入水にゅうすい(n) suicide by drowning/drowning oneself/
入り用いりよう(adj-na,n) need/demand/necessity/
入夫にゅうふ(n,vs) marrying into the wife's family/
入浴にゅうよく(n,vs) bathe/bathing/(P)/
入部にゅうぶ(n) joining a club/
入苑にゅうえんentering the garden/
入相の鐘いりあいのかね(n) evening bell/vespers bell/

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