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Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/7CB166BBB42FAFA049256A88002A5716?OpenDocument'>儿</A>]ケイ、キョウあにolder brother
兄さんにいさん(n) older brother/(P)/
兄妹きょうだい(ik) (n) older brother and younger sister/
兄姉きょうだい(ik) (n) brother and sister/
兄事けいじ(n) defer to another as if an older brother/
兄嫁あによめ(n) elder brother's wife/
兄弟分きょうだいぶん(n) buddy/pal/sworn brother/
兄姉けいし(n) brother and sister/
兄後あにご(hum) elder brother/
兄たり難く弟たり難しけいたりがたくていたりがたしThere is little to choose between the two/
兄弟きょうだい(n) (hum) siblings/(P)/
兄妹喧嘩きょうだいげんかsibling argument/
兄貴あにき(n) one's senior/elder brother/
兄弟愛きょうだいあいbrotherly love/
兄弟の義を結ぶきょうだいのぎをむすぶbecome sworn brothers/
兄弟子あにでし(n) senior schoolmate/senior apprentice/
あに(n) (hum) older brother/(P)/
兄弟喧嘩きょうだいげんか(n) quarrel between brothers (sisters)/
兄妹けいまい(n) older brother and younger sister/
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/7CB166BBB42FAFA049256A88002A5716?OpenDocument'>儿</A>]ガン、ゲンもとorigin

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