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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]イチ、イツひと(つ)one
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]カ、ゲした、しも、もと、さ(げる)、くだ(る)、お(りる)、お(ろす)down, below, low, inferiority
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]ショ、ソか(つ)furthermore
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]キュウおかhill
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]サンみ(つ)、みっ(つ)、みthree
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]シチなな、なな(つ)seven
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]ジョウ、しょううえ、かみ、あ(げる)、あ(がる)、のぼ(る)up, above
上場じょうじょう(n,vs) listing a stock/
上向くうえむく(v5k) to look upward/to turn upward/to rise/
上塗うわぬり(n) last plaster coat/last painting/finish/
上天じょうてん(n) heaven/God/Providence/the Supreme Being/the Absolute/
上擦るうわずる(v5r) to be or get excited/to sound shallow/to sound hollow (a voice)/to ring false (a voice)/to sound shrill and nervous (a voice)/to be high-pitched and unstrung (a voice)/
上陸作戦じょうりくさくせん(n) landing operations/
上記じょうき(adj-no,n) above mentioned/
上智じょうち(n) Sophia (University)/supreme wisdom/
上物じょうもの(n) quality goods/
上田じょうでん(n) high rice field/very fertile rice field/
上下じょうげ(n,vs) high and low/up and down/unloading and loading/praising and blaming/(P)/
上がり端あがりはな(n) entrance/deluxe edition/
上騰じょうとう(n) advance/rise/jump/
上肢じょうし(n) upper limbs/arms/(P)/
上使じょうし(n) shogun's envoy/
上巻じょうかん(n) volume one/(P)/
上げ蓋あげぶた(n) trap door/removable floor boards/
上汲むうわぐむ(v5) to draw off the top liquid/
上気じょうき(n) dizziness/rush of blood to the head/
上るのぼる(v5r) to rise/to ascend/to be promoted/to go up/to climb/to go to (the capital)/to add up to/to advance (in price)/to sail up/to come up (on the agenda)/(P)/
上旬じょうじゅん(n-adv,n-t) first 10 days of month/(P)/
上等兵じょうとうへい(n) private first class/

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