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Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]イチ、イツひと(つ)one
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]カ、ゲした、しも、もと、さ(げる)、くだ(る)、お(りる)、お(ろす)down, below, low, inferiority
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]ショ、ソか(つ)furthermore
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]キュウおかhill
Show details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]サンみ(つ)、みっ(つ)、みthree
Hide details for [<A HREF='/ocjs\kanjidic.nsf/RadicalIndex/06F277A9E7598E8549256A88002A081A?OpenDocument'>一</A>]シチなな、なな(つ)seven
七堂伽藍しちどうがらん(n) complete seven-structured temple compound/
七竈ななかまどmountain ash (plant)/
七週の祭ななまわりのいわいthe Feast of Weeks/Pentecost/
七七日しちしちにち(n) 49th day after death/
七つ屋ななつや(n) pawnshop/
七絃琴しちげんきん(n) seven-stringed koto/
七不思議ななふしぎ(n) the seven wonders/
七宝焼しっぽうやき(n) cloisonne ware/
七面鳥しちめんちょう(n) turkey/
七輪しちりん(n) earthen charcoal brazier (for cooking)/
七宝しっぽう(n) the 7 treasures (gold, silver, pearls, agate, crystal, coral, lapis lazuli)/cloisonne/
七草ななくさ(n) the seven spring flowers/the seven fall flowers/
七光ななひかり(n) profiting from the influence of another/
七日なのか(n-adv) seven days/the seventh day (of the month)/(P)/
七夕たなばた(n) July 7 Festival of the Weaver/prayer ceremony for children's artistic development/(P)/
七顛八起しちてんはっき(n) the vicissitudes of life/always rising after a fall or repeated failures/
七月しちがつ(n-adv) July/
七分搗きしちぶづき(n) seventy percent polished rice/
七賢しちけん(n) the seven wise men/
七生しちしょう(n-adv,n-t) seven lives/
七年忌しちねんき(n) seventh anniversary of a death/
七夕しちせき(n) July 7 Festival of the Weaver/prayer ceremony for children's artistic development/

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