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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
案出(n) contrivance/(P)/
案下(n) under the table/word of respect added to the addressee's name on a letter/
案に相違して(adv) contrary to one's expectations/
案内書呈presentation of a guidebook/
案外(adj-na,n-adv) unexpectedly/(P)/
Show details for イうつ(る)、うつ(す)move
Show details for イえら(い)great
Show details for イかこ(む)、かこ(う)、かこ(い)enclose
Show details for イくらい、ぐらいrank
Show details for イこと(なる)、ことdifferent
Show details for イころもclothes
Show details for イためdo
Show details for イちが(う)、ちが(い)differ
Show details for イなぐさ(める)、なぐさ(む)consolation
Hide details for イby means of
以下のようなthe following kind(s) of/
以遠(n,n-suf) beyond/further than/
以西(n,n-suf) west of/and westward/
以後(n-adv,n-t) after this/from now on/hereafter/thereafter/(P)/
以来(n-adv,n-t) since/henceforth/(P)/
以下の通りas below/as follows/
以ての外(adj-na,n) absurd/unreasonable/
以て(conj,exp) with/by/by means of/because/in view of/(P)/
以北(n,n-suf) north of/and northward/
以下(n) less than/up to/below/under/and downward/not exceeding/the following/the rest/(P)/
以心伝心(n) telepathy/tacit understanding/communion of mind with mind/sympathy/
以外(n-adv) with the exception of/excepting/(P)/
以前(n-adv,n-t) ago/since/before/previous/(P)/
以遠権(n) (aeronautical) beyond right/

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