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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
案出(n) contrivance/(P)/
案下(n) under the table/word of respect added to the addressee's name on a letter/
案に相違して(adv) contrary to one's expectations/
案内書呈presentation of a guidebook/
案外(adj-na,n-adv) unexpectedly/(P)/
Show details for イうつ(る)、うつ(す)move
Show details for イえら(い)great
Hide details for イかこ(む)、かこ(う)、かこ(い)enclose
囲いに入れる(exp) to place in an enclosure/
囲い者(n) mistress/
囲碁(n) Go (board game of capturing territory)/(P)/
囲碁三級third rank in the game of go/
囲炉裏(n) hearth/fireplace/
囲む(v5m) to surround/to encircle/(P)/
囲みを破る(exp) to break through a siege/
囲繞(n,vs) surrounding/enclosure/
囲う(v5u) to enclose/(P)/
囲み(n) enclosure/box/column/siege/
囲い(n) enclosure/paling/storage/(P)/
囲繞(n,vs) surrounding/enclosure/
囲い込み(n) enclosure/
囲み記事(newspaper) column/
Show details for イくらい、ぐらいrank
Show details for イこと(なる)、ことdifferent
Show details for イころもclothes
Show details for イためdo
Show details for イちが(う)、ちが(い)differ
Show details for イなぐさ(める)、なぐさ(む)consolation
Show details for イby means of
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