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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
圧伏(n,vs) overpower/subdue/keep down/
圧倒的多数overwhelming numbers/
圧死(n,vs) crushing to death/
圧延(n,vs) rolling/
圧搾器(n) compression/press/(P)/
圧し石stone weight/
圧電効果(n) piezoelectric effect/
圧神pressure sensation/
圧力(n,vs) stress/pressure/(P)/
圧着端子(n) crimp contact/
圧点(n) pressure point/
圧力調整器pressure regulator/
圧搾ポンプ(n) compression pump/
圧砕機(n) grinder/crusher/
圧接pressure welding/
圧縮率(n) compressibility/
圧殺(n,vs) crushing to death/
圧着(n) crimp/
圧密降伏応力consolidation yield stress/
圧縮機(n) compressor/
圧し込む(v5m) to push into/
圧し殺す(v5s) to crush to death/to stifle to death/to squeeze to death/
圧巻(n) highlight/best part/masterpiece/
圧力波pressure wave/
圧政(n) power politics/political pressure/despotic administration/
圧縮効率(n) compression efficiency/

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