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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
映画を楽しむ(exp) to enjoy a movie/
映写機(n) projector/(P)/
映画界the film world/
映像(n) reflection/image/(P)/
映える(v1) to shine/to look attractive/to look pretty/(P)/
映配film distributing company/
映倫(n) Motion Picture Code of Ethics Committee/
映す(v5s) to project/to reflect/to cast (shadow)/(P)/
映画狂movie fan/cinema enthusiast/
映画音楽film music/
映写(n) projection/
映画化(n,vs) making (book) into film/making screen version/
映画会社(n) movie company/
映し絵(n) film picture/silhouette/
映えない色dull color/
映画評film critique/
映画(n) movie/film/(P)/
映画祭(n) film festival/
映り(n,n-suf) reflection/quality of a picture (film)/match/harmony/
映写幕(n) a screen/
映画社movie company/
映え(n) glory/prosperity/
映画を見損なう(exp) to fail to see a film/
映画館(n) movie theatre/(P)/
映し出す(v5s,vt) to project/to reflect/
映画俳優(n) movie (film, screen) actor or actress/
映像信号(computer) video signal/
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