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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
飲み物(n) drink/beverage/(P)/
飲酒家(n) a drinker/
飲助(n) tippler/drunkard/
飲める(v1) to drink much/to be good to drink/
飲み料(n) one's (portion of a) drink/
飲み薬(n) internal medicine/
飲み回し(n) passing the bottle around/
飲み回す(v5s) to pass the cup round/
飲兵衛(io) (n) heavy drinker/tippler/
飲用(n) drinking/
飲み潰れる(v1) to drink oneself drunk/
飲み助(n) drunkard/heavy drinker/
飲み食い(n) food and drink/eating and drinking/
飲み逃げ(n) leaving drinks unpaid for/
飲水量amount of drinking/
飲み倒す(v5s) to skip out on one's bar bill/
飲んだくれ(n) drunkard/piss-artist/
飲食店(n) restaurant/shops serving food and drink/(P)/
飲料(n) a drink/(P)/
飲食物(n) food and drink/
飲み口(n) tap/faucet/spigot/
飲み放題(exp) all you can drink/bottomless cup/
飲んだくれる(v1) to get dead drunk/
飲屋(n) bar/saloon/
飲み水(n) drinking water/(P)/
飲み仲間drinking companion/
飲み込む(v5m) to gulp down/to swallow deeply/to understand/to take in/to catch on to/to learn/to digest/(P)/
飲ん兵衛(n) heavy drinker/tippler/
飲み屋(n) bar/saloon/

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