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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
遺失品lost article/
遺漏なくcomplete/without omission/(P)/
遺産管理administration of an estate/
遺族扶助survivor's benefit/
遺賢(n) able men left out of office/
遺恨(n) grudge/ill-will/enmity/(P)/
遺精(n) nocturnal emissions/oneirogmus/
遺財(n) bequest/inheritance/
遺児(n) orphan/
遺体(n) corpse/remains/(P)/
遺訓(n) dying instructions/
遺尿(n) enuresis/bed wetting/
遺蹟(n) (historic) ruins/
遺失物(n) lost article/(P)/
遺産相続税inheritance tax/
遺志(n) dying wish/
遺留品(n) lost articles/
遺誡(n) dying instructions/
遺産相続inheritance/succession to property/
遺す(v5s) to leave (behind, over)/to bequeath/to save/to reserve/
遺功(n) works following the deceased/
遺伝地図genetic map/
遺事(n) reminiscences/memories/
遺風(n) tradition/hereditary custom/
遺族年金survivor's pension or annuity/
遺産管理人administrator of an estate/
遺棄(n) abandonment/desertion/relinquishment/
遺言(n) will/testament/last request/(P)/
遺伝子治療gene therapy/

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