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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Show details for イ、ユイイ、ユイleave behind
Show details for イキイキregion
Show details for イクイクそだ(つ)、そだ(てる)、そだ(ち)raise
Show details for イチイチone
Show details for イチ、イツイチ、イツひと(つ)one
Show details for イツイツdiverge
Show details for インインかく(す)、かく(れる)hide
Show details for インインかげ、かげ(る)shadow
Show details for インインしるしmark
Show details for インインの(む)drink
Hide details for インインひ(く)、ひ(き)draw, pull, guide
引合せる(io) (v1) to introduce/to compare/
引き揚げ(n) pulling up/drawing up/salvage/refloatation/raising/(P)/
引き攣る(v5r) to have a cramp (spasm, convulsion, twitch)/
引き合う(v5u) to pay/to be profitable/
引き換え(n) on the contrary/on the other hand/(P)/
引っ切り無し(adj-na) (uk) continually/continuously/incessantly/
引き札(n) announcement flier/
引っ詰め(n) hair pulled tightly back in a bun/
引退(n,vs) retire/(P)/
引火点(n) flash point/flashing point/
引責(n,vs) taking responsibility/(P)/
引延ばす(v5s) to delay/to enlarge/(P)/
引っ掻き回す(v5s) to ransack (a drawer)/to rummage/to stir up (mud)/to throw into confusion/to tamper with/
引き裂く(v5k) to tear up/to tear off/to split/(P)/
引き立て(n) favor/patronage/
引き馬(n) draft horse/
引っ掛ける(v1) (1) to hang (something) on (something)/to throw on (clothes)/(2) to hook/to catch/to trap/to ensnare/(3) to cheat/to evade payment/to jump a bill/(4) to drink (alcohol)/(5) to spit at (a person)/(6) to hit the ball off the end of the bat (baseball)/(P)/
引換え(n) on the contrary/on the other hand/(P)/

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